Turn to TWC-NC for Telecom Service That Are a Class-Apart

Time Warner Cable (TWC) isn’t just your regular TV, Phone and Internet service provider. With state-of-the-art technology, and a dedication to offer the best, they assure to be a class-apart from what we’re normally accustomed to. In other words, TWC-NC is the ideal solution for all your telecom needs.

Are you tired of,

  • Missing a crucial part of the game due to an abrupt halt in transmission?
  • Unable to conduct a video conferencing session due to a slow network?
  • Maddening static that renders it impossible for you to decipher what the person on the other end is saying?
  • Grainy images?

Then, Time Warner Cable may just be the answer to all your problems.

By employing the astounding attributes of Advanced Fiber Network technology, one needn’t ever have to worry about interruptions in transmission, sluggish networks, or hindrances of any sort. As optic fibers are laid directly to your doorstep, the data is transmitted directly through them via pulses of light and one can be assured of a steady and fast connection, all through.


Apart from providing an assortment of over 200 channels to suit the preferences of a wide range of people, the nation over, TWC also offers an array of additional features, to take their service to new heights.

  • DVR

In a household comprising of numerous individuals, it is a common scenario for more than one of them to want to watch their favorite program, at the same time. Now, with the DVR feature, no one needs to sacrifice watching their show, when they have the option to record them, to be viewed at a later time. This feature can record over 2 programs at once, while watching a third at the same time.

  • HDTV

Once pampered by the stupendous nature of the HD feature, one may never want to switch back to standard viewing ever again.

This feature polishes your display and sound to great perfection, giving us sharp images and crystal-clear audio.

  • Look Back®

This feature is highly unique, wherein one can view programs that aired over 72 hours ago. This way you can be assured of staying updated on your most-watched programs, regardless of whether you had to work late, an errand to run, or were simply too busy to allot time for it.

  • Start Over®

With the Start Over feature, one can restart an ongoing program, in case they happened to miss out on any part of it.

In an attempt to cater to a wide array of Internet activities and individual budget constraints, TWC offers various packages that comprise of speeds that range up to 50 Mbps, each of a different price range.

With additional features like Parental Controls, Internet Security, PowerBoost® for a surge in speed when managing heavy files, and the liberty to connect to their various hotspots across the nation, TWC Internet is the perfect answer for all your connectivity needs.

With the TWC Phone service, one can make unlimited local and international calls, without worrying about a pricey bill. One can also be access their various features like Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, and all.

To learn more about their services, contact the given toll free number and request for further details on the plans available for you.