Digital Entertainment With Time Warner Cable® Promotions, Wilmington, NC

Watching TV has long been the choice of entertainment for many people. Now, with the advances in technology, TV is starting to take the center stage of home entertainment. Although there are a lot of cable TV service providers in the market today, very few names stand out as the best and Time Warner Cable in NC is one among them. The service offered is second to none and with a dedicated team of professionals on standby, technical support is available around the clock. And unlike traditional TV service, digital cable TV offers a wide variety of channels in pristine picture quality. Let’s have a look at Time Warner Cable promotions, Wilmington, NC here.

Channels and foreign language packs

There are over 200 channels available in the digital TV package and you can be assured that you have content that will interest and entertain every member of your family. You also get access to some of the most popular sporting events and shows that kids will love. All these channels come in a very economical package. You also have foreign language packs that you can subscribe to. These foreign language packs are designed keeping in mind the needs and interests of different ethnic groups. The Spanish language pack for example give you access to some of the best contemporary movies made in mainland Spain and Latin America. Similarly, the Chinese programming package gives you access to Mandarin news and TV shows. If you want access to Hindi music channels, movies or TV shows, you can consider subscribing to the Hindi language.


If you own a smartphone or a tablet, you can take advantage of the TWC TV app that is available for download from both, the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The application converts your handheld’s screen into a TV and allows you to enjoy your favorite shows from any room. You also get access to the detailed programming guide the ability to remotely control the DVR.

DVR Service

The DVR service gives you complete control over you TV schedule. With the ability to rewind and pause live shows, you will not be missing a moment of you are watching. The DVR also gives you the option to record your favorite shows. Even if you aren’t at home, you can schedule a recording and the DVR will automatically begin recording at the scheduled time and save it for you to enjoy any time you wish. The DVR can also be remotely accessed using the TWC TV™ app and recording can be scheduled anytime and from anywhere.

LookBack® your favorite shows

If you are busy and missed a Primetime show that you enjoy, you don’t have to remorse! LookBack® gives you the option to access the shows 72 hours after they’ve been aired.

These are some of features and promotions that Time Warner Cable deals in Wilmington, NC. If you want to learn more about the service, call us at our toll-free number.